ABM Strategy & Execution

Create and launch a new Account Based Marketing (ABM) program to acquire cloud and large enterprise clients







In any organization, sales and marketing alignment can be a challenge. Fortunately, good Account Based Marketing programs can introduce transparency, collaboration, and alignment. 


Many organizations are talking or thinking about ABM, but the truth is, it’s not easy to know where to start or what to do. In order to introduce ABM to this organization, we started with research and doing our homework. Not only did we learn ABM best practices, but we also thoroughly investigated a great number of ABM technologies and platforms. 

We kicked off the program by creating a sales and marketing pilot ABM team. We trained the sales folks on ABM and reviewed awareness and engagement benchmarks then working together we established our “ideal client profile”. This helped us narrow down the pilot targets to focus in a more data-driven way. 

We introduced a series of ABM technologies. TechTarget, Engagio, and DiscoverOrg to name a few. Through these platforms, we were able to integrate and aggregate the data across the full client profile for a real look at awareness and engagement. We also were able to run integrated sales and marketing plays for greater alignment and pipeline lift. 


Latest Work