Content Strategy for Multiple Audiences

Create an integrated content strategy to position several products and services to multiple audiences






Content Development


Working with a technology company that offered multiple products/services ranging from cooling technologies to software – we created a content strategy that mapped to the buyer’s journey for multiple audiences and what we called “tribes”. The content strategy took into consideration multiple channels and the integration of campaigns while embracing what we call the “skim, dip, dive” methodology.


Starting with the buyer’s journey, we took a look at our tribes and their progression through the funnel. For each one, we identified their top pain/passion points by working with the sales team and other industry experts. After mapping their journey and needs along each stage, we developed material to lead them through the funnel. We identified themes that could broadly cover the message we wanted to resonate while pulling them through to sales. For example, we came up with the theme “adaptiveness” and under that umbrella we identified topics that were a direct response to the client’s pain or passion. From there, we created assets at each stage - starting with something simple to skim and lead them in, followed by something more content dense (aka the dip), and finally concluded with the more complex or densest material (the dive). 

We utilized a combination of channels to support our lead gen needs - including PR, web, social, email, etc. We also leveraged content syndication with TechTarget and others to reach our target audiences.


Latest Work