Non-profit Launch

Branding and marketing for a new non-profit.


Ica Mission




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Web Design


Inspired by the children and people of Ica, a group of us went on a mission trip to help bring water to La Tierra Prometida and left wanting to start a non-profit that could continue to give back to the needs of those in Ica. 

We set up a 501-C and developed the custom branding for the organization. We designed the logo and utilized photography from our trip not only in the web design, but also in the digital/direct mail campaigns. 


The challenge with this project was getting the word out and helping others understand the living conditions/needs of the people in Ica. We needed to respectfully tell their stories in a way that even those that had never been could get a sense of La Tierra Prometida and how they could help. 


Ica Mission branding, web design and collateral achieved the organization's donation goals and provided on-going support to the people of Ica.


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