Tech Company Rebrand

Integrate three companies into one integrated brand


Aligned Energy





As any company grows, so does their strategy. In this project, our team was tasked with managing a top-tier branding agency to transform three companies into one, evolving their brand identity and defining their mission, vision, messaging and cultural values. 


Aligned Energy needed a brand that not only made it easier for their clients to buy from them but also more accurately reflected who they were and what they believed in. Over the course of several months, we started with researching to understand their clients’ needs and the market’s current perception. We also looked at why employees joined the company and what they believed in. We successfully created their mission, vision and guiding principles within the organization. We completely revamped the messaging, brand architecture, and visual identity in a way that simplified things internally and externally, while bringing out the company's personality and focus. 

We created internal and external communications plans for a smooth, and seamless transition from three companies to one. We launched the brand in multiple phases to ramp up the brand momentum and build excitement. 


We successfully launched the new brand and website to the market clearing up the brand confusion, accelerating the pipeline and helping to unify the internal culture. 


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