Marketing has changed a lot over the years and it’s become a data-driven, high touch field where marketers need to be both creative and highly technical. And even though modern marketing strategies are producing better results than ever before, companies still struggle to implement them. Which means they’re missing out on a ton of opportunities for growth.

Ironically, part of the reason this happens is that decision-makers are being over-marketed with so many choices in software and new processes. On top of that, there is the added need for an experienced team that can effectively implement and measure these new strategies. So, it can easily become confusing and overwhelming for companies to switch from traditional marketing to a proactive, modern marketing approach.

All businesses need an effective marketing strategy to thrive and grow. But can one person do it all?  In some cases, maybe. But the question is – should they?

Do you want results? Start with the right team.

A lot of companies don’t have the right team to successfully leverage the latest marketing strategies, programs, software, etc. Some companies can only afford one marketing person and that person can easily get burned out and be set up to fail. Or worse, they may not even know that they can grow faster and produce more revenue because they think this is as good as it gets. But is it?

 Let’s say you’re building a house. Who do you call to lay the foundation? How about to structure the walls? Or run the plumbing? Would you use the same person to wire the lights? Not one or two people can do all of them at an expert level (and if they can please have them call me – I want to finish my basement). The same goes for marketing. Especially if you are looking for optimal results. You need to find the right marketing specialists who can provide the best strategies and create an ecosystem that will maximize your businesses success.

The good news is you can have it all and it doesn’t have to blow your budget.

Should I hire an employee or an outsourced marketing team?

In many cases, you may lean towards hiring an employee because that’s the traditional way to fill a need. But if you really want a diverse set of talent there’s a good compromise in the middle of a good marketing employee and outsourcing a team of experts to fill the gaps and provide a fresh perspective. Take a look at the pros and cons of insourcing vs. outsourcing.

What’s the cost comparison?

Many times, there’s an initial sticker shock when you see outsourced pricing versus considering the salaries of building your in-house team. But salaries are of course only a piece of it. When you add up the costs of hiring and retaining an employee it can be more cost effective to outsource. Especially if an outsourced team can provide you with a full set of expertise that results in more revenue. Let’s take a look at a simple comparison.

Partnering with Flo. Marketing

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