Creating a high impact B2B team isn’t always easy. We’ve all worked with not so great marketers and felt the pain when it resulted in a poor return on investment. With marketing in a constant state of change, part of the puzzle is knowing who the right key players are, and then using them to build a successful marketing machine that will get you to your goals.

Here are a few key roles needed to make an effective B2B marketing team, and some of the traits to look for when hiring them. 

1. The Strategist

a. Business Minded She’s the one that gets the business and understands driving ROI. She looks to map business results and revenue, not MQLs. She puts skin in the game to make sure objectives are met and can respond quickly when curve balls come her way.

b. Symphony Orchestrator She brings people, processes, and platforms together in a way that is in tune together. She can build great team, see patterns, and just “know” what people are thinking even when they’re not saying it. She’s a visualizer and a deep thinker.

c. Whole She balances the left with the right brain to take a whole-minded approach to marketing. She capitalizes on being data-informed, but client driven. She understands that a great marketer has to remember there’s always a human making the decision no matter what the numbers tell her.

2. The Storyteller

a. Content king From website copy to case studies and whitepapers – he knows how to tell a good story. There’s a hook in every piece and something he tucks in all the reader’s minds to keep them engaging more. He knows how to use verbal cues to lead the reader through the funnel and keep them coming back for more.

b. Word alchemist He can put words together in ways you never thought possible in as few words as possible. His writing can take on different styles and different forms to flow in perfect symphony with the other marketing elements that surround the words on the page.  

c. The emotional connector He understands people and how to be empathetic to the audience. He looks for ways to make it about them, not himself, or the company for that matter.

3. The Google Goddess

a. Search engine guru Meta descriptions, keywords, organic, paid, SEO, analytics ­– the list goes on and on. She has all the certifications and knows her way in and out of the entire platform. She makes sure your website is loved by search engines and your marketing dollars are well spent.

b. Continual Optimizer Her job is never done. She’s always looking for ways to continually optimize and improve. She’s a technical thinker balanced with an understanding of how to create an optimal client experience. She gets people to your site and invites them to explore. 

c. Trouble Shooter Things will go wrong. They always do. But your quick wit Goddess is hands-on and if nothing else will “google” it until she figures it out. She’s a problem-solver, an analyzer, and a critical thinker. She’s got your back when things don’t go the way they should.

4. The Artist

a. Detailer He has a critical eye for design and knows the details matter. He pays particular attention to how things come together and how to simplify things best for his audience.

b. Abstract Thinker He’s never limited by the resources or directions he has. He’s strategic and an artist. Together, he creates things that are not only easy on the eyes but are smart and easy to understand.

c. Imaginary Master He has a vivid imagination and is a visual thinker who can create something from nothing. He doesn’t follow the trends, he sets them. He has the ability to take your direction and create designs that have more impact then you ever thought possible.

5. The Tech Nerd

a. MarTech Technologist She has the technology chops combined with a deep understanding of data and analytics. She also has the creativity to transform raw data into actionable insights and use this information, so your marketing campaigns hit the right targets. She bridges the gap between marketing and IT.

b. Platform Integrator Collecting the data, is just one step. She is also a digital connector who understands how to integrate the data from a wide range of databases, channels, platforms, tools, and technologies, so you can see the results of the entire journey, easily and efficiently.

c. Tech Trend Lover She loves to learn and is always in on the latest technologies. She is the first to adopt and try new software and is also strategic minded, so she looks for ways to use these new technologies to create better results and processes for the team.

6. The Social Butterfly

a. Connector He knows everyone. And I mean, everyone. He is smart, well-liked and an amazing networker. He is curious and wants to genuinely help others. He can get you through any door you need to open. Everyone loves the connector. They are as eager to help him as much as he helps others, and that’s his superpower! Not to mention he connects your social, email and web needs. He’s your digital guru. 

b. Motivator He is an optimist and his positive energy permeates a room. He’s the guy who picks the team’s spirit up when they are down. If you have a motivator on your team you are lucky. People love working with and for motivators, so they can significantly reduce employee turnover.

c. Uniter He’s persuasive but in a nice way. He’s the person who can work with anyone and float between marketing, sales and engineering teams with ease. His emails always get a response. Even by the people who are notorious for never responding to emails (Man, how does he do it!). He is respected by his peers and leaders and is the go-to person when they need help bringing departments together that normally can’t get along. 


Having the right team of players can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts, and save time and money. Most marketing teams have a few of these players already. If you’re lucky then you have them all and they are great at what they do.

Do you have these key players on your team?

If not, don’t worry. Even companies with small budgets can build great marketing teams. One way to accomplish this is to fill the talent gaps by outsourcing the players you need. This solution can strengthen your existing team, bring in fresh perspectives and creativity, and result in increased lead generation. It's also less risky than hiring the wrong full-time players.

Don’t know where to find these talented players?

Give us a call. We can help you build your dream team.