What are your competitors chatting about? What content are they producing and how is it performing? Are you talking about the right things? What's working and what's not?

Recently I attended a conference on content marketing. The crew shared a lot of great tips and information, however, I'd say Buzzsumo was all the "buzz" at the conference, as well as with many colleagues, competitors, and industry blogs.  

So, what is it?

Basic level - see the content your competitors, partners, and/or favorite sites are creating and what's performing best. (Then do it better and steal shamelessly.) No, but seriously, take a look at what's performing well and create your own take on the topic. Also look at SEMRush and others for intel on what's being searched the most. Find a way to tie the two together so you're not just posting on relevancy, you're also posting on what's being searched and what Google likes to see. (Then optimize. Optimize. Optimize.)

Lastly, don't forget to still pave your own path. Optimizing on other's topics and capitalizing generally searched ideas is great, but owning unique subjects, topics and themes (while sneaking in the relative search terms) is still critical to content marketing.